VA Disability Claims Process

The VA disability claims process can be cumbersome and confusing. Don’t go about it alone. Let us fight for you. Call Las Vegas veterans disability lawyer for a free consultation.

We continually hear from the politicians that they are reforming the VA Administration, that we are going to have more people assigned, that we are going to get rid of the backlog. Yet, it remains a backlog. There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of backlogged claims and people waiting for VA benefits determinations. How long is it going to take for your claim to be decided? The answer to that question is depending on what stage it’s at, and how much information is involved, it could take anywhere from six months on up to a year or more. The best thing that you can do is to make sure that you have proper representation who has gone through and done what is necessary to make sure that your claim is fully and properly prepared for the VA so that they cannot send it back down on some technicality. When they finally get to it, everything is there, and they can make the proper decision and determination on your disability claim. For you, even though it may take a while, you need to get an attorney to represent you, to make sure that your claim is in the absolute best condition that it is, so that it gets approved when they get around to it.

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