Veterans Compensation Benefits

Learn more about veterans compensation benefits and how they are determined. You fought for us, let us fight for you. Call our Las Vegas veterans disability lawyer for a free consultation.

If you were injured during active military service, you’re entitled to compensation for the injuries and damages related to those injuries that you sustained while you were in active military service. That’s what the law says. This is when you need to talk to an attorney. If you have, in fact, been injured during active military service, you should talk to an attorney because there is a process, procedure, and guidelines that you must follow. They’re very specific. To protect yourself, you should seek legal representation so that someone will guide you through that procedure. As you know, when dealing with the government, the paperwork is very complicated. If you don’t have all of the I’s dotted and all of the T’s crossed, your claim can be dismissed or denied. What you need to do when you’ve been injured during active military service is contact a VA disability attorney and get the advice that you need so that you know that you are proceeding in the appropriate manner.

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