Veterans Disability Compensation

If you were injured serving our country, you deserve veterans disability compensation.You fought for us, let our Las Vegas veterans disability attorney fight for you. Free consultations.

To be eligible for veterans’ disability benefits, you have to have an injury that occurred during active military service. That is the first requirement. Next, you are going to have to establish through your medical records that the injuries that you are claiming, in fact, relate to active military service. It’s two-fold: it’s partially medical and it’s partially factual. The way to do that and to make sure that you’re protected really is to talk to an attorney who has the experience of dealing with VA disability claims. They are going to have to go through your VA records, and military history. They may have to have a medical specialist look at your records and render opinions that the condition that you have now is in fact related to an event that occurred during your active military service. It’s not something that is just automatic or it’s very clear; it depends on the circumstances. What I can tell you is in that most instances, you should have a conversation with a VA disability attorney if you have any questions about it because they will direct you in the right direction and in the steps that you need to take to protect your rights to receive veterans’ disability benefits.

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