Warning Sign Injury Claim

Were you injured in a slip and fall? Even if there was a warning sign, you may still be able to recover compensation. Learn about warning sign injury claims in this educational video by Las Vegas slip and fall attorney Craig Murphy.

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Here’s a common excuse from a business that I hear, “We had a warning cone or a warning sign there. The fault is on you.” Is that true? Is it your fault? It all depends. Here is the real question: did that warning sign or cone provide you with adequate knowledge that there was a hazard there? That is going to take a specific investigation by an attorney who has a track record of dealing with these cases, because if that warning sign was in a position where you had no ability to see it and know that there was a hazard there, that doesn’t provide you with the notice that’s necessary.

Say a cleaning person is over mopping with a mop bucket. On the mop bucket, it’s yellow and it says, “WARNING. SLIPPERY.” Well, that guy’s way over there mopping, but he just trailed water halfway across the floor of where you come walking in the door. That doesn’t give you any notice or warning at all, and it’s completely ineffectual, and they’re still going to be responsible. Even though they’re responsible though, their insurance adjuster or their risk management person is going to tell you, “There was a warning sign. Sorry, it’s your fault.” Here’s what you have to do: take some pictures; document it when you fall then call me right away.

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