Will My Truck Accident Case Go To Trial?

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In these big rig commercial truck cases, there are often multiple parties and people that have been injured. When a big rig has an accident, they don’t just hit one car. They involve lots of cars. There are going to be lots of claimants and many layers of insurance. There are federal regulations that are involved and because of that, the majority of commercial truck cases go into litigation. In other words, it’s going to be necessary to file lawsuits.

If you have an attorney who has the skill and the experience in building your case, they will be able to get it ready to take to trial. The majority of those cases will, in fact, settle before they go to trial, but if your case is not adequately prepared, it is also very likely that the insurance carriers for that big rig truck company will know that your lawyer is not prepared, and that they’re not a real trial attorney. In these case, the insurance company would force the case to go to trial.

To make sure that you’re adequately protected, you need to get a board certified personal injury specialist who is a trial attorney and who will do the hard work that’s required to build your case so that the insurance company for these big rig truckers will know that you’re ready, willing and able to go to trial. When they know that, they will come to the bargaining table.

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