Working While on VA Disability

Veterans can typically continue working while on VA disability, however there are limits you need to be aware of. Call our Las Vegas veterans disability lawyer today for a free consultation.

Veterans want to know if they have a disability claim, can they still work and collect disability benefits? Yes, you can. It depends on a number of factors. It depends on what your disability is and what the percentage of disability ratings that you have. If you have an in-service injury that is related to disabilities, you are entitled under law to be compensated for those disabilities. Even if you have those disabilities, you may still be able to find some type of gainful employment.

However, those disabilities have harmed you. They have taken away part of who you are. They’ve strapped you with disabilities for the rest of your life. You’re entitled for compensation for that. They can’t force you to just sit at home and do nothing. You are entitled to go out and try to live your life to the best of your ability despite the disabilities that you have because of your service to this country.

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