Workplace Retaliation

Were you demoted, fired, or harassed for reporting workplace discrimination? You may be able to recover damages for workplace retaliation. Call our Las Vegas discrimination attorney today.

What should you do if your supervisor has written you up because you have complained about discriminatory behavior or harassment at your workplace? Number one, if there is someone above your supervisor that you can report this to and get the situation corrected, then you should report it to that person. If there’s someone that you can report it to and it doesn’t get corrected, you should still report it because you need to document and put the employer on notice that this what’s happening to you, and give them a fair opportunity to resolve it.

If they don’t, then what do you do? Your option at that point and your best course of action is to talk to an attorney who handles these types of employment matters because you are in a situation that is most likely going to require legal intervention to protect you and to protect your legal rights. Don’t take matters into your own hands. Don’t automatically quit. Don’t do anything until you have gotten legal advice about your specific situation. Then you can act upon that advice.

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