Wrongful Death Case Process

The wrongful death case process can be confusing and complicated. Let us handle your case, so you can focus on grieving your loved ones. Call Las Vegas wrongful death lawyer Craig Murphy today.

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I received a call the other day from someone, and they wanted to know, “What is the typical procedure for handling a wrongful death claim?” I wish that I could have told them that there is a simple formula, but there isn’t. There are many things that can be involved in a wrongful death claim. It involves a full investigation of the negligence that caused the death as well as what the injuries, damage and suffering that the decedent suffered before their death. You need somebody that analyzes the legitimate claims for a loss due to a wrongful death.

It starts with an evaluation. Once that evaluation is made, there are certain steps or procedures that can be done on a regular basis. It includes notifying the insurance companies who have responsibility, collecting all of the relevant medical evidence relating to negligence, and filing and preparing a lawsuit so that we can ensure that you are fully protected and fully compensated for your loss due to that wrongful death.

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